QC Post Mix Cutting Tips

QC Series tips are newly designed and patent pending post mix cutting tips. They are designed to be the most efficient and effective in the industry. Our post mix tips can be used on your caster cut off system to lower consumption costs and improve performance.

Advantages of post mix tips:

  •  Not subject to flashback
  • Long heat zone
  • Cooler tip temperature

Advantages of QC post mix tips:

  • 50% lower pre heat pressure settings
  • 24% less oxygen, 23% less fuel consumption
  • Flying starts due to superior flame definition and concentration
  • Increased cutting speeds
  • Narrower cuts, smoother cut face, minimal kerf and dross, reduces top rounding
  • Quieter operation
  • Excellent resistance to flying debris

 Model Information

This chart is intended to be used as a guide only. Actual results may vary. All pressures are measured at the torch inlet while in use. Hose length, diameter and the use of flash arrestors will affect downstream pressure. Cutting speeds will vary depending upon material thickness and temperature. Speeds on this chart are based on cutting mild steel at temperatures over 1,000 degrees F.