Gas Savings Panels

QCC gas saving panels are an advanced distribution system designed to function as a dual purpose unit.  Primarily the panel is used as a complete Oxy/Fuel distribution drop station for emergency torches.  In addition, the panel includes a pilot mode to be used in conjunction with QCC post mix emergency torches that are on standby in caster cutoff areas.

In standby (pilot) mode, the torch has a pre-set continuous pilot flame.  If the torch is required for emergency purposes a simple activation of the manual switch turns the torch into full cutting mode.  Once the cutting is done the operator returns the switch to the pilot setting.  The full application of this system results in drastically reduced gas consumption.


  • Completely enclosed, vented and wall mountable cabinet with access door and latches
  • Off/Pilot/Cutting switch and corresponding indicator lights
  • Manual bypass supply lines available in event of loss of electric power
  • High quality components brands such as Harris, Rego, Asco, and QCC
  • Tested at QCC facility prior to delivery
  • Fuel and Oxygen lines painted to desired standard

Optional Advanced System

The Advanced System option adds a unique remote torch stand-off bracket (example shown below).  It’s primary function, once the torch is stored vertically or horizontally on the stand-off bracket, is to signal the main panel to be in pilot mode.  Once the torch is removed from the stand-off bracket it will switch to high fire pre-heat mode, and once the lever on the torch is depressed it will go into cutting mode.  When the torch is returned, by the operator, to the stand-off bracket fuel and oxygen will be limited and the torch will automatically return to savings mode with a pilot flame.

This option eliminates the need for manually switching between modes on the panel between cuts.  For emergency cuts the operator simply removes the torch from the stand-off bracket and is ready to proceed.

Panel selectors with this feature would be Off/Ignite/Auto.