These manifolds systems are intended to safely and efficiently deliver gas to your caster cutoff torches.  Our manifolds are designed and manufactured to your unique specifications and requirements.


  • Free standing enclosed cabinet
  • Built with 1” or 2” headers
  • Engineered in house prior to build
  • Pre-heat strands built with auto pilot system
  • Prewired to included electric enclosure and panel
  • Each strand includes individual locking shut offs
  • High quality components brands such as Generant, Rego, Asco, and QCC
  • Tested at QCC facility prior to delivery
  • On site supervisory technician for preliminary installation and start-up

 Available Options

Stainless Steel plumbing, stainless steel headers, cutting oxygen release bleed off, header inlet filtration, high flow flashback arrestors, combination flashback arrestors/check valves, inlet header locking shut off